CCTV Drain Surveying (Closed Circuit Television)

When drains block repeatedly there is usually a good reason for this. Our camera survey will accurately identify the location and cause of the problem. The philosophy behind our CCTV surveys is “The more accurate the diagnosis, the more accurate the solution”

Our special camera travels along the pipe work and produces high quality, digital images. These let the engineer take a ‘close-up’ look at the inside of pipe to identify the cause of the blockage. It also gives the engineer a chance to access the general condition of the pipe.

The pictures are displayed on a TV screen in the van as the camera travels through the  pipe. A CD-ROM or video along with our fully comprehensive report can be provided before leaving site. The report identifies the most economical and cost effective method of repair.

The quick and accurate problem identification by our engineers has made a major contribution to our reputation of fast, efficient and cost effective maintenance.